Sycamore Warbler Fall 2013!

Hello and welcome!  Fall is going to be a busy time for the Sycamore Audubon, and hopefully you can make it to some of our outings!  Latest issue here ->  Fall 2013


September 4 and each Thursday – Early Bird Hikes – Celery Bog Nature Park, WL.  8 am, first gravel parking lot.  A chance to get out and see what’s new and old before heading to work.

October 2 WEDNESDAYS  IN  THE WILD – 1-3 .  Dying for Fall Colors.  At Brief Nature Center, Battle Ground.  Lynn Layden, master gardener and Sally Weeks, dendrologist, dye samples of fabrics using natural plants such as goldenrod, black walnut and pokeberry.

October 5-6 Feast of the Hunter’s Moon!  See page 1 of the latest issue.

October 9 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD 1-3.   Fall Waterfowl and More.  Susan Ulrich, SAS.  Fall migrant ID show followed by a walk at LNC Celery Bog.

October 10 – Thursday – Program:  Ecological Ethics Forum.  Barny Dunning, Bob Easter, Michael Homoya, Michael Jenkins, Derek Luchik, and Gus Nyberg.  A lively discussion among some of Indiana’s most prominent and up and coming conservationists.  Join moderator Wes Homoya as he asks the panel to share their person land ethics, and spark debate on best management practices for conservation in the 21st century and beyond.  7:15 pm Lilly Nature Center, Celery Bog Park, WL.

October 12 – Saturday – Waterfowl Field Trip.  Meet at the gravel parking lot at Celery Bog at 8 am.  We will check the Bog, Pine Creek, and other local sites for migrating waterfowl.  Half-day trip with a return timed to avoid football traffic.

October 16 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.   Fall Colors of Clegg Gardens.  Jim Peterson, manager and Sally Weeks, dendrologist, will lead a hike and talk about the history of the site and the plants encountered.  Meet at Clegg Gardens.

October 18-20 – Friday-Sunday – Bake and Plant Sale.  Friday night through Sunday.  Funds are going to several local conservation causes including SAS’s Swift Tower Fund.  See details on page 2.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.

October 23 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.  Effects of Recreational Disturbance on Karner Blue Butterflies.  LNC.  Vanessa Quinn, Assistant Professor of Biology discusses results of her field study on this federally endangered butterfly found in the Indiana Dunes.

October 30 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.  The Science of Weather Forecasting.  Chad Evans, WLFI meteorologist.  Indoor, LNC.  Factors that are involved with predicting weather and how slight changes can affect the forecast.

November 6 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.  A Virtual Tour of the Natural History of Glacier National Park.  Dan Shepardson, Professor in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.  Indoor, LNC.  Explore this iconic wilderness landscape through pictures and words.

November 10 – Sunday – Honeysuckle Removal at Ross Hills Park.  This is at 1 pm at Ross Hills Park, first road to left.  Help with the assault on honeysuckles invading Tippecanoe County’s largest park.  Bring gloves and cutting tools if possible, but extras will be available.  Email Susan Ulrich (page 7) for info.

November 13 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.  Overview of NICHES Properties.  Guy Nyberg, Executive Director.  Indoor, LNC.  A visual tour of NICHES’ numerous properties and what you can find in them.

November 14 – Thursday – Program:  Kestrels and You:  The American Kestrel Project.  Jeff Canada.  Indiana Audubon Society.  There will be a live kestrel at the presentation.  This treat accompanies an informative talk on an exciting new citizen science program that seeks to better understand and reverse the current decline of North America’s smallest and most colorful falcon.  7:15 at the Lilly Nature Center, Celery Bog Park, WL.  Free parking and refreshments.

November 16 – Saturday.  Annual Lake Michigan trip.  Meet at 6:30 am to carpool up to the lakeshore.  We will spend the day looking for loons, grebes, gulls, late fall migrants and other birds more commonly found at the lakeshore than here in the Lafayette area.  This is a full day trip which we usually end with a stop at the Jasper-Pulaski State Wildlife Management Area to see Sandhill Cranes.

November 20 – WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – 1-3.  Let’s Talk Turkey.  Wildlife Biologist Mick Weeks discusses the biology of wild turkeys and demonstrates their calls while master gardener and cook, Lynn Layden, describes the development of the domestic bird and its preparation, and then serves fresh-from-the-oven roast turkey for all to taste.  Indoors, Brier Nature Center, Battle Ground.

December 12 – Thursday – Program:  Birds and Bombs on the Base:  A Citizen’s Tour in Iraq.  Dr. Carl Voglewede will present the work he did with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service on the Joint Base Balad in Iraq where he worked to solve human/wildlife conflicts with their Flight Safety Program.  This is the talk he was unable to give last December because of illness in the family.  7:15 at the Lilly Nature Center, Celery Bog Park, WL.  Free parking and refreshments.

December 14 – Sunday – Lafayette Christmas Bird Count (CBC).  Day-long bird count.  Help is always needed and appreciated.  More in the next newsletter, but mark your calendar now so you are free to participate.

December ?? – January 1 – Cass Count CBC.  Contact Landon Neumann.  Potential new count, no date yet though.  See page 2.  Willow Slough-Iroquiois Preserves CBC.  Ed Hopkins, compiler.  More in next newsletter.