SAS’s, Warbler 2010

In 2008, local artist, Les Booth, gave the Sycamore Audubon Society the rights to use, without restriction, an original eLITHOGRAPH­™  illustration for our much needed logo.

The illustration called, Sycamore Warbler 2008, has graced our web site since then.

That is, until now.

Les has produced a new image called, Sycamore Warbler 2010.  A new and different look at the charming little songbird with whom we share a common name, as well as a new logotype we can use to display our name.

The Sycamore Warbler, formally named the Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominicus) is found frequently populating the sycamore stands along the Wabash River and the hardwoods of  its watershed.

Much like this little bird, members of the Sycamore Audubon Society can likewise be found among the hardwoods, softwood, prairies, swamps and urban jungle of our northwest Indiana region.

We hope to have this little bird popping up on all future publications and promotional tools used by the organization.

There are a number of products we are considering.  We will release, shortly, a list of the items that will be available, when they will be available and where they can be purchased.  Watch this site as well as our other online presences:  Facebook, Twitter and our other outreach blogs on and Blogger.

Les has said he will be introducing a ‘New SAS Sycamore Warbler’ each year, for as long as we like and he is able.  If they continue to look this good, we can’t wait to see the ‘2011 Warbler’.