Winter-Spring 2011

February 24, 2011 – There is a  new proposed House bill that could cut $60-100 billion in government programs that may be dear to you.  Currently, the  items included are in early drafts of the House Continuing Resolutions.  Contact your Representatives and Senators to voice your opinion.  You can read about the  Potential Cuts

WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – March 2/March 9 Bobcats/Mt Lions/Coyotes – – Scott Johnson – LNC
Changing Seasons/No Child Left Inside – Sam Postlethwait & Mary Cutler –

March 6 – Sunday – Timberdoodles Ahoy! A field trip to see/hear displaying American Woodcock at the Purdue Wildlife
Area. We will look and listen for these “timberdoodles” at dusk. Meet at Celery Bog* at 6 PM to carpool
or be at the Purdue Wildlife Area on the N side of SR 26 west of 750 W at 6:30 p.m.

March 10 – Thursday – PROGRAM: “Avian Auditory Processing: The Other Side of Song”. Jeff Lucas, Biology Professor
at Purdue. Seasonal variations in what birds hear and the songs they sing. 7:15 p.m. Lilly Nature
Center, Celery Bog Nature Area, WL. (dinner at 6 p.m. see above).

WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – March 16 – Indiana Rocks and Minerals – Debbie Dale/Other? LNC

WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – March 23 – 1-3pm Bird Nests & Wren House Workshop – Mary Cutler & Brenda Moore –

March 26 – Saturday – Migrating Waterfowl Field Trip. Looking for ducks, geese and swans (among other waterbirds) at
Celery Bog and other local wetlands. Some early spring migrants such as Yellow-rumped Warblers
might be present too. Meet at the gravel parking lot at Celery Bog* at 8:30 am.

WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – March 30 – Ecology of Invasives + ID’ing & Managing – Mike Jenkins & others LNC

WEDNESDAYS IN THE WILD – April 6 – Chickadee Language/Bird Song – Jeff Lucas – LNC

April 14 – Thursday – PROGRAM “Streams and Aquatic Fauna in Indiana”. Michael Litwin, Fishery Biologist, US Fish
& Wildlife Service, Bloomington. Learn about all the critters living in our waterways. The presence or
absence of aquatic fauna reflects a water’s quality. 7:15 p.m. Lilly Nature Center, Celery Bog Nature
Area, WL. (dinner at 6 p.m. see above).

contact: Mary Cutler 765-567-2993,
Joan Mohr Samuels 765-567-7023 or